Over Nera Vastgoed

The philosophy and method of Nera Vastgoed can be described as adding value to its projects and services through a no-nonsense and hands-on approach including personal contact with the parties involved. Given its size and method, the organization  is extremely decisive and approachable, causing business contacts to feel like they are part of the team. Project and service customization enables the development of this essential feature: adding value. Nera Vastgoed is founded in 2007.

The training and years of experience of the board and staff of Nera Vastgoed guarantee a thorough and wide range of qualities required to bring the sometimes difficult development projects and real estate issues to a favorable conclusion. In doing so, they receive support from their partners and external relations.


12 year existence 5 contributors
38 million invested capital 6 investments
26 tenants 9 development projects

Property Development

Developing real estate projects in the housing and commercial sectors. We set up these development activities in the Netherlands and emerging markets. The development activities are performed both independently and with partners (joint ventures).


Management Services

Providing services in the commercial, technical, legal, and organizational fields for professional and private clients. Additionally, Nera Vastgoed provides managerial, secretarial, and administrative support for real estate projects and property funds.


Real Estate Consulting

Providing advice with regard to tactical aspects of real estate, real estate developments, and real estate investments. Additionally, development and/or investment propositions are assessed on feasibility, real estate portfolios are investigated, and guidance is provided on rental transactions as well as purchase/sales transactions.


P. Van Zwet, MSc M Eng (Board)

After studying architecture in The Hague, Peter van Zwet (1975) studied business administration at the Nyenrode University, specializing in financial management.

He worked as an asset manager Europe at Euro American Investors Group Ltd, where he was responsible for both Dutch and European development and investment projects. He also worked as a property manager at Jones Lang Lasalle Vastgoedmanagement Ltd, a capacity in which he was responsible for institutional real estate investors, including Bouwfonds Asset management Ltd and Achmea Vastgoed Ltd.

In addition to being a (statutory) director of Nera Vastgoed Ltd, Van Zwet is also the director of Refund Capital Ltd, and Petarc Invest Ltd.


M.J. Gieling, MSc MRE (Board)

After completing his studies in financial business economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 1995, Marc Gieling (1968) gained considerable experience in the real estate investment world. He worked for, among others, Euro American Investors Group Ltd, a provider of real estate investments and developments in The Hague, and he used to be the director (statutory director) of the Woon Winkel Fonds, the Vastgoed Mixfonds – quoted on the stock exchange – and the Global Multi Asset Fund.

In 2001, Gieling completed the Master of Real Estate postgraduate program at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to being a (statutory) director of Nera Vastgoed Ltd, Gieling is also the director of Refund Capital Ltd, and Petarc Invest Ltd.


A. Abresch – van der Heide

Within the organization, Arjenne, employed by Nera Vastgoed since January 1st, 2007, applies herself to the coordination of internal business processes (office management). In addition, Arjenne coordinates marketing activities, such as the website, corporate identity, and company events, and she provides first line support in the real estate management of real estate investments.


M. Tekin M Eng

Within the organisation, Mukaddes is working on development activities for several projects. She also does property management (both technical and commercial) for the real estate portfolio. After her study industrial engineering and management at the Business school in Amsterdam, Mukaddes started her carrier with BAM Utiliteitsbouw followed bij Jones Lang LaSalle in Amsterdam in which she gathered broad experience in advising real estate owners and tenants as well as technical and commercial property management.

R.M. Weisz FRICS, MSc

Robert Weisz (1950) studied business economics and accountancy at the University of Rotterdam and has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of real estate development and real estate investing. Besides working as a director at real estate investment group Timevest Ltd in Amsterdam, he is, among other things, a visiting lecturer at the postgraduate program of the Amsterdam School of Real Estate. Mr Weisz is also a member of the Real Estate Advisory Board of Bank Insinger de Beaufort, Chairman of the Stichting Transparantie Vastgoedfondsen (Foundation for Transparency in Property Funds), and co-author of the book, “Onroerend goed als Belegging” (Immovable property as an Investment), by virtue of which he is a speaker at various symposia in the Netherlands and the United States. Until 2009, he also was a visiting professor at the TU (University of Technology) in Eindhoven (Real Estate Management chair group).

Mr Weisz advises the company in strategic and operational terms, as well as in the field of purchases and sales of real estate investments and capital expenditures.


T.G.M. Tetteroo

Born in Leidschendam, Do Tetteroo (1957) has been established in the field of immovable property for over 35 years. As the son of a contractor, Do specialized in property development, construction supervision, and building consultancy for properties in The Hague and surroundings, while making excursions to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In addition to commercial and industrial building, Tetteroo develops and supports inner-city housing projects with Euraco Projectburo from the very beginning, Tetteroo and Nera Vastgoed have been cooperating closely on a number of projects, bringing projects to a successful conclusion by utilizing each other’s expertise.


M. Zemaitis

Mindaugas Zemaitis (1975) studied economy at the Gediminas University of Technology in Vilnius (Lithuania). He has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of real estate development in the Baltic States. Before starting his own property development company (UAB Baltreal Invest) in Vilnius, Zemaitis worked for the SwedBank for 7 years, where he was responsible for the financing and development of a number of large real estate projects. In addition to his real estate activities, Zemaitis is also a co-partner in a number of transport companies in Lithuania.

Mr Zemaitis is a partner in a number of Baltic projects and acts in our interests at a local level.


G. van Nes M Eng

Gerko van Nes (1967) studied engineering at the Business school in Rotterdam after which he acquired extensive experience in construction management, development and process management in real estate. He founded Van Nes Vastgoed BV in 2009 in Dordrecht (www.vnvg.nl). Gerko focusses on the return of a project and one of the areas of expertise is transformation of real estate. He believes in the opportunity of re-using existing real estate. Gerko aims to get the most out of redevelopment, transformation or revitalization. His proficient knowledge of construction and installation technology works in his favor.

Gerko coordinates the transformation of an office building into 39 apartments on behalf of Nera Vastgoed. The project is located at the Spuiboulevard 100 in Dordrecht.


Currently we do not have any vacancies.