Nera Vastgoed moved office to Bunnik

As of January 1st, 2022, Nera Vastgoed will move its activities to a new location in Bunnik. The office is
more in line with the increasing development activities and also offers the opportunity for further

The new address is:
Nera Vastgoed BV
Fruitweg 68
3981 PA BUNNIK (Netherlands)
The central telephone number remains unchanged (+31 (0) 30 7508944)

January 3, 2022 News

Collaboration Nera Vastgoed and Ten Brinke Vastgoedontwikkeling

Nera Vastgoed and Ten Brinke Vastgoedontwikkeling are joining forces and – using each other’s expertise – will jointly work on the redevelopment of part of the In de Bogaard shopping center in Rijswijk.
The redevelopment to approximately 300 apartments is part of a large-scale transformation of the In de Bogaard shopping center, the contours of which are described in the master plan adopted by the city council.

February 2, 2021 News


Building your own commercial or industrial building is an interesting option for many companies. A tailor-made building that matches the company’s needs, while controlling the buildingprocess and building expenses. It’s possible at the Turfschipper in Wateringen. Within the tramloop and nearby station (from and to The Hague Central Station) 5 lots can be purchased starting from 650 m2. Design and construction can be done by yourself within parameters. The maximum building height is 15 meters and the maximum density is 70%.

At the beginning of December again a plot was sold which brings the total sold to 3 lots, which means that only 2 lots are still available at this time. Purchase prices start at EUR 300,- per square meter including transfer cost, excluding VAT.

January 18, 2021 News

Sale development position in Palanga (Lithuania)

After the necessary preparations, the development position held in Palanga (Lithuania) was sold to a local developer last week. The project involved the development, sale and construction of 62 apartments, located near (within walking distance of) the beach of the Baltic Sea. After a number of years – in which two crises have been faced – this development has been sustained, it was decided to leave the further development and construction to a local development company.

January 18, 2021 News

Rijswijk: letter of intent signed for redevelopment

On Wednesday September 9, last, councilor Armand van de Laar, on behalf of the municipality of Rijswijk, and Peter van Zwet (Nera Vastgoed BV) signed a letter of intent for the redevelopment of part of the shopping center In de Bogaard into approximately 300 apartments. This was reported by Rijswijk.TV.

The redevelopment is part of a large-scale transformation of shopping center In de Bogaard, the contours of which are described in the Master Plan agreed to by the city council .

The letter of intent contains a collaboration between the parties, which will be further elaborated in the planning process in the coming period.

September 23, 2020 News

Rijswijk: intentieovereenkomst getekend voor herontwikkeling

Woensdag 9 september jl. hebben wethouder Armand van de Laar, namens de gemeente Rijswijk, en Peter van Zwet (Nera Vastgoed BV) een intentieovereenkomst getekend voor de herontwikkeling van een deel van het winkelcentrum In de Bogaard naar circa 300 appartementen. Hiervan werd verslag gedaan door Rijswijk.TV.

De herontwikkeling maakt onderdeel uit van een grootschalige transformatie van het winkelcentrum In de Bogaard waarvan de contouren zijn omschreven in het door de gemeenteraad vastgestelde Masterplan.

De intentieovereenkomst ziet op een samenwerking tussen partijen waarbij de komende periode in de planvorming nadere uitwerking zal plaatsvinden.

September 23, 2020 News

Nera Vastgoed makes purchase in shopping center “In de Bogaard” in Rijswijk

For an upcoming area development of the In de Bogaard shopping center in Rijswijk, Nera Vastgoed has recently acquired 5 shops to be redeveloped / transformed into apartments. All this in accordance with the Master Plan adopted by the municipal council.

In the coming period, planning will be further undertaken in close consultation with the municipality of Rijswijk.

September 2, 2020 News

Charlotte Venderbosch employed by Nera Vastgoed

Ms. Charlotte Venderbosch will join Nera Vastgoed on September 1st, 2020. She replaces Ms Van der Heide – Abresch, who has decided, after 13 years of employment, to continue her career elsewhere. In addition to conducting the administrations of the various companies, Charlotte will also be responsible for back office activities.

September 2, 2020 News

Corona update

As of Monday, March 16, the employees of Nera Vastgoed work at home as much as possible. Our office remains available by telephone through an operator who, if desired, can forward to employees’ mobile phones if you do not have them.
The work will continue as much as possible as you have come to expect from us. However, this means that we will no longer make appointments at our office and keep appointments with external parties outside the office to an absolute minimum. For already planned appointments, we will contact you to see how the consultation can take place.

Of course we remain available for questions and consultation. This can be done by mail and telephone.

We hope for your understanding.

For now: stay healthy!

March 16, 2020 News


The building permit for the redevelopment of the former gas station at Heijermanslaan 2 in Uithoorn has been received. It concerns the development and construction of 15 apartments which are situated in 3 buildings. The apartments, which all have parking spaces, are designated for the rental market. The design is made by KvdK Architects from Noordwijk.

The construction is expected to last 12 up to 14 months and soon a start will be made with the construction activities.

January 23, 2020 News
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